Tail Handler Red(sale)

Tail Handler Red(sale)



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Most pup-tails are a buttplug with a tailandmdash;perfect for being a dog at home or with a private group but what if you want to WAG at a bar, parade, event, a puppy-pitandhellip;TAIL HANDLER belt-on show tail slides on your belt so you can wag it anywhere you wantandmdash;anywhere you donandrsquo;t want a buttplug and your butt exposed, or where itandrsquo;s just not good pup etiquette, anywhere you donandrsquo;t want the random tail-curious tugging or your tailplug.We made a ton of colors for the belt-harness TAIL HANDLER part, colors to match all your gearandhellip;every color is molded separately from solid materialandhellip;so the colors will not fade or wear off.This thing is beefyandmdash;every detail is super textured. The stripes are thick solid color bars, the bone detail and lettering is deeply embossed, the grippy andldquo;tail-holsterandrdquo; part is super firm so even a hard tug will not pop the silicone tail outandmdash;we built in a embedded ring using a much firmer g...

Manufacturer: Blue Ox Designs Llc
SKU: OXB-0762
UPC: 840215120762
Weight: 1.1000 ounces